Girl Scout "Cabin" trip to Roane Mnt, TN

We took some of our Girl Scouts on a "cabin" trip a couple of weekends ago to Roane Mnt state park. It's located just north of Johnson City, and approx 2.5 hours from where we live. This was one of the things the girls wanted to do with the cookie money they earned, and this was also our first over night trip. We had a great time, and the weather was fabulous. The park had several programs going that weekend, so we go to learn about Hawks, Owls, and Buzzards. We got to hold 2 varieties of snakes, which several of the girls just loved, surprise...surprise. They learned about butterflies native to the area, and did some nature study drawings. That evening was campfire basic training, and of course roasting marsh mellows, and making smores. We ended our trip the next morning with a hike up to the balds, which was really a beautiful way to end a trip.

I also have to say "Hats Off" to the staff and seasonal rangers working at Roane Mnt. It was wonderful to be able to bring in a group of girls, and have so many different programs for them to attend. They offer programs every day during the summer months. It made things much more enjoyable for the girls, and for the adults.

Hope you enjoy the pictures!

The photo of the house down in the valley, is Miller Homestead. It was one of the first homes built in the area and is used by the park to give demonstrations. This is were we learned about butterflies(they have a gorgeous old fashion garden), and we also learned about basket and cane bottom chair weaving. The flower photos were taken by my daughter. She was trying to get some good shots for the Fair competition coming up in Sept.

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Joanne@ Desertmountainbear said...

I love these pictures. I have such fond memories of when my daughter was this age and in scouts. What a wonderful adventures these girls enjoyed.

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