Well, I am just back from my weekend in the FOLK barn at the Springfield, Ohio Antique Extravaganza put on by the staff of FOLK magazine. I've been going to the Springfield antique show for a number of years now.  There's always been tons of dealers set up and I love going to shop! This Extravaganza they have decided to try something new by presenting a show within a show.  The promoters of Vintage MarketPlace Style set up big circus like tents through out the fair grounds with dealers set up inside, and the staff of FOLK magazine took over this really great barn. I had a great time. 

Has anyone ever pack up a Prius for a show? Well, believe it or not, it can be done! I packed up everything you see in the photos below of my booth into a Prius.

With the Prius all packed up, my friend, Christine and I, took off for the show. The drive was not bad at all. The pic below is of one of the FOLK banners.

My intent for doing this show was A. to shop for antique goodies to use with my bears and folk art and B. to  get out and meet some new people, including the staff of FOLK. Both for me were very successful. I never have to chance to do shows and talk with people face to face. I really enjoyed being able to do that. I got to meet Cindy McGuire, of China Cupboard Bears, whose work I've admired since I started making bears 6 years ago. Although I didn't get to meet Bev White of Happy Thymes Collectables, I did get to meet her sister. I didn't sell any art, but I didn't expect to, because it really wasn't that kind of a show.  I did however, expose potential new customers to my work. I sold quite a bit of the antique goodies that I took, especially my vintage barkcloth fabric, so I was able to cover my expenses, plus some.

The FOLK staff put a lot of hard work into setting up their "Pop Up Store", which was located at one end of the building. It really showcased a lot of what FOLK magazine is about.  They also showcased a really great antique farm truck at the opposite end of the barn, and provided tables/seating complete with hale bales for weary shoppers.  They have even more photos posted on their Facebook page, www.facebook.com/WEAREFOLK

I had the distinct pleasure of having Kara Garber set up next to me at the show. Kara had a really great booth and has an online shop called McMaster and Storm. She deals in really wonderful, unusual things for your home. A lot of the items she deals in are from Europe. I loved the look of her booth, and she has a really great eye for putting things together. Kara likes for her spaces to have an old department store feel, and who wouldn't love that!  Kara was lovely to chat with, and my friend Christine and I loved how stylish she always looked.  You can also read more here, in this Country Living article.

I also met, Judith Mercado, of Bloomsbury Loft. I only talked to Judith for a short while, but in that time I could immediately tell she was fun, energetic and full of life. Her booth says it all! She was set up as part of the Vintage MarketPlace Style. Her space was bright, whimsical and definitely FUN!  She had lots of really neat upcycled pieces that she had created. 

Check out those great wreaths and pillows! 

Here are just a few shots from around the show.

Love this antique International truck! 
I discovered this driving around Springfield.

My friend, Christine and I, did a quick tour of downtown Springfield one evening. I'm glad we did! There are some wonderful old homes and churches. 
I also read some where that you can buy a home in the historic district any where from $15,000-50,000!

Love, Love, Love this house! It's so Addams Family.
Wish I could have toured the interior. 

Love this house too, and it was for rent!

Thanks for stopping by, 
and I really hope you enjoyed my tour of Springfield.

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Joanne@ Desertmountainbear said...

Great stuff, great photos. The area is really beautiful. Love the big old houses. Thanks for posting the pictures.

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