and the blog hop WINNERS are......

And the winners are............

My winner is #16 GriffinWyse
Please contact me at: with your mailing address.

Here is the complete list of winners with their corresponding artist!
Match your number with the artists numbers being the same as other words, number 1 artist goes with number 1 winner and so on...

1. Carly Smith 
2. Arlene Sander
3. Becky McClure Federico
4. Brenda Griffith
5. Chuck McClenning
6. Cortney Arndt-Rector
7. Darla Walk
8. Margo Noschese
9. Lisa Ammerman
10. Karen Blevins
11. Jean Wheelock
12. Heather Milliott
13. Debb George
14. Susie Krichbaum
15. Sheryl Parsons
16. Karen Brady Hammontree
17. Joyce Tenay
18. Jorge de Rojas
19. Patrick James Gill
20. Faith Conroy
21.LeeAnn Kress

1. Lori Platt
2. Lynn frm Life on the Wienee Ranch
3. Crystal Bowen
4. LeeAnne E.
5. chickzilla
6. Darlene
7. T. Johns from SC 
8. DogsMom 
9. imsteelefullofscrap
10. Joe M
11. AutumnWind
12. Sara Anderson
13. Janice Moore-Petty
14. Wendy @ Ravenwood Whimzies
15. Fran Caswell
16. GriffinWyse
18. Brenda frm Pumpkin Hollow Primitives
19. Wicked Faerie Queen 
20. Cheryl Barcus
21. Sandi @ The Primitive Skate

***17. to be announced...accidental duplicate

READY TO WIN!! Enter to win on of the 21 Prizes in The Witches of Giggleswick 2nd Annual Halloween Blog Hop Starting NOW!!!

Welcome to the 2nd Annual
Giggleswick Halloween Blog Hop!
Beginning Sunday, Oct. 5th – Wednesday, Oct. 15th
All 21 lucky Winners will be announced
on each of the participating blog sites on Sunday, Oct. 19th!

Hi, my name is, Karen Brady Hammontree, and I am the artist here at Brady Bears Studio and one of the 21 Witches/Warlocks participating in the 2nd Annual Giggleswick Halloween Blog Hop.  I have been dubbed, "the Witch of Mystery", which I kind of like. It keeps everyone on their warty, green toes. 
Below is a picture of my Giggleswick giveaway. Can you guess what it is? Well, my pretties, you'll have to wait just a while longer. They don't call me the Witch of Mystery for nothing. TeeHeeHee.
I will give you a's one of my BeWitching Cupboard hangers and a brand new design to boot.  You'll have to wait a few more days to see the real prize, but when it's ready to be revealed, I'll post it here for all to see.

My prize is finished and revealed! 
It's one of my cupboard hangers in owl form.
This is a brand new pattern just for the hop!
The head was created from mohair that I hand-tinted.
He has German glass eyes and a paper clay beak.
I dyed cheese cloth to create his "feathers".
This piece measures 15" to the tip of his hat.
He has a nice long ribbon hanger, 
so it can be adjusted to fit your needs.

Here's what you have to do:
To be entered into the drawing you will need to hop to all 21 blogsites and do Steps 1 and 2 below. 
Step 1 - Follow this blog -- Look for the blue Google "Join this Site" link 
… next …
Step 2 - Leave a comment below this post telling me that you are a new follower or that you are already following my blog. 
 To be eligible to have your name in the drawing, you need to visit all 21 blogsites, follow them through Google, and leave a comment on each site. 
If you fail to follow through on your 21 visits, your name will not count in the drawing. 
Below is the list of blog sites and links for you to follow: 

                Carly Smith                                                                           LeeAnn Kress
                Debb George                                                                          Darla Walk

                Marguerite Noschese                                                            Karen Brady Hammontree

                Susie Krichbaum                                                                  Brenda Griffith

                Heather Millott                                                                      Arlene Sander

                Joyce Tenay                                                                           Lisa Ammerman

                Becky McClure Federico                                                      Jean Wheelock

                Chuck McClenning                                                              Jorge de Rojas

                Cortney Arndt-Rector                                                          Sheryl Parsons

                Patrick James Gill                                                                 Karen Blevins       

                Faith Conroy                                                                                           

Good Luck and Happy Haunts to You!

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If you have a blog, add me to your favorites list and mention this giveaway! This Giggleswick Witch will be most grateful!

It's that time of year again, Halloween!!!

Mark your calendars, The Witches of Giggleswick 2nd annual blog hop starts this coming Sunday, Oct 5th through Oct 15th. We are giving away LOTS of fabulous, handmade creations from 21 Giggleswick artists, myself included. That's 21 chances to win!!! Be sure to watch this week for rules and upcoming info. The drawing will be held on Oct 19th!!!

Do you love Halloween?
Are you an artist looking for a new venue to showcase your work?
Would you like to visit & exchange ideas with others who share your passion?
Then I have the site for you....The Witches of Giggleswick.

The Witches of a site devoted to all things Halloween & holidays. If you're an artist or collector, you will want to visit this new site and join in the fun! 

LeeAnn Kress of , Charmed Confections and Carly Smith of, Boggy Bottom Bayou are the founders of this wonderful venture. They have wanted to unite Halloween enthusiasts and artists under one roof for some time.

The Witches of Giggleswick website is underway, and taking registration for new memberships.  Please go to, to learn more.

Regular Membership is FREE!  So, hurry over and join us!  There will more details to follow this announcement.  Give-A-Ways will be coming up, so stay tuned!  All new members will be automatically placed in the Give-A-Way drawing!!!

As one of the original 13 witches, number 13 to be exact (my lucky number), I promise you won't be disappointed and have loads of Halloween fun. So, hop on your broomstick, and fly on over, just as fast as the wind will take you!

♥♥♥♥ Black Friday Sale ♥♥♥♥

I hope everyone can stop by my website this Friday
 for my first annual Black Friday sale starting at 8am.
I will have lots of goodies that are perfect for Christmas.

I will have several of my Christmas Cupboard hangers, 
some really cool mixed media Necklace Hangers
 plus some other fun goodies.

Sale will run from 8am Friday morning until Monday at noon.

Hope you can stop by for a visit!

Happy Thanksgiving from all the critters here in the studio.

Just click below to visit my website

♥♥♥ New Bluebird Design on eBay ♥♥♥

I have a new Bluebird listed now on eBay. This is a brand new design. I just love the colors!!! She was created from mohair. Her feathers were created from a cotton fabric. I hand-cut each one, approx 30 of them, attached them to wire, painted, sanded and shaded them. Her wings are 2 separate pieces that I attached to the body, then I attached each feather to the wing. Her eyes are German glass, her beak is paper clay, and her feet are heavy gauge wire.

She is listed in a 3 day auction right now.

♥♥♥ Crow vs Raven ♥♥♥

I love Crows and Ravens, so I decided to create one. You decide, Crow or Raven. This guy was made from mohair. All of his feathers were hand-cut from cotton fabric, attached to wire, then painted. His eyes are German glass and his beak was created from Paper Clay. His feet are heavy gauge wire, wrapped with canvas, then painted and wrapped with more wire. I added vintage ribbons and an old key. He measures 9.5" tall and 11" long.

He is listed now on eBay. His auction ends in just one day!

♥♥♥ A Sokoke Scops Owl on eBay ♥♥♥

This owl is available for adoption right now on eBay...3 day auction which ends Sat, Oct 26th.
This cute guy is a Sokoke Scops Owl. These owls are native to Africa. I just love the color! They have, what appears to be, a yellowish under color with the rust over the top. Then they have various spots of black all over. 
He was created from mohair, then I gave him a yellow undercoating of color. I went over the yellow with rust colors, then added in the black. He has 60 individual pieces of cut mohair to form the "feathers" of his wings. He has German glass eyes, that I painted the fabulous yellow color of owl eyes. His feet are a heavy gauge wire and he can stand on his own.

Stop by eBay to see him

Owls, Owls, Owls...I'm on a roll...

Thought I would share another owl creation with you. This guy is a Northern White-faced Owl. He was so fun to make! Owls have so much detail, which make them a really fun challenge creatively.
Hope you enjoy the photos.

♥ Welcome to my blog ♥

My name is Karen Brady Hammontree, and I am the creator of Brady Bears Studio. I design one of a kind, antique style, mohair teddy bears, and other animals. I am also a mixed media artist.

I use my blog to post new works that are on eBay, Etsy, my website or shows. On my blog you will also find lots of pictures of my bears and anything else I find fun, whimsical, artistic and inspiring.

♥I do custom orders for dogs, bears and other animals.
Just send me an email for details...

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